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we're here today to analyze which food delivery app is best to drivefor out of ubereats , grubhub , postmates and doordash we understand that this can definitely depend on the city you live in and the different circumstances you're under but there's a lot to analyze here and we really want to break it down step by step that's why we're gonna have five different categories in this video in which we compare all these different delivery service vehicle companies and then determine a winner for these five categories which are tipping support flexibility hiring and then overall pay to round this blog out i'm stoked to have you here and let's gets started guys the first category we're gonna diveright into is tipping and one thing you should know is that you keep 100 of your tips for all four of these companies across the board so that doesn't change at all but what does change is when you receive that tip and when the customer decides to leave it so on apps like grubhuband doordash they choose how much they want to tape you before you actually make your delivery this changes for postmates as on postmates they choose how much they want to tip you after you've dropped off the food and ubereats is really uniquein the sense that they can choose how much they want to tip you before orafter you make the delivery and this actually has a really big effect on how much you're tipped for example some people prefer grubhuband doordash as since they're going to see you and talk to you personally they're more likely to leave you a tip whereas on postmates they can leave no tip after you've made the deliveryknowing they're never going to meet you again and this is a really tough one to choose a winner on because honestly it's kind of just personal preference but if i were to pick one i think i would pick postmates i would prefer for the customer to leave a tip afterwards even if it means i don't get tips sometimes because when i get tipped afterwards it means my customer service actually hasan effect on how much i'm paid for example if the customer chooses how much to tip me before they even meet me that means it doesn't really matter how i treat them and as a driver i would really try to upsell myself providing the best possible customer service to maximize the amount of tips  iget so like i said the individual winner for this round is going to be postmates the next category we're going to talk about is support and what i mean by that is how much the company supports the drivers and assists them as they're making deliveries and there'sa clear loser to this round and that's actually post mates it'swidely known that postmates is not nearly as good at supporting their drivers and if their drivers have an issue picking up adelivery apparently it's very common for postmates to never even get back to them the next one we'll talk about isdoordash they actually have a live chat feature within their app which you can ask questions of the support teamand apparently this is also a little bit subpar and they're not very great atactually responding and answering your questions effectivelyso they're also not going to be a winner of this round that leaves uswith grepub and ubereats ubereats does not have a ton of reviews regardingdriver support and from what i can tell it's really hit or miss so there can bea lot of great experiences but like i said there can also be somepretty bad ones which lands it a pretty neutralpositioning with that said grubhub is the only food delivery app that actuallyhas really positive reviews on how much they support their driversapparently they have a live phone number that you can call while you're drivingso that they can assist you with any problems you might encounter because ofthat grubhub is a clear winner in this categoryalthough we will give an honorable mention to doordash as apparentlygrubhub and doordash are known for still paying their driversif they show up at a restaurant that's closed because because of coronaviruswith everything going on in the world i think all four companies should be doingthis that's a great great position for theircompanies our third category is schedulingand this one's pretty simple it really comes down to whether or not you have toschedule when you work or you can just hop in your car and do it whenever youwant and it's a 50 50 split here so postmatesand uber eats allow you to not create a schedule and just hop inand start delivering food whenever you want butdoordash and grubhub are different as they encourage you to actually schedulewhen you're going to work now this isn't always the case as duringpeak hours they will allow you to just hop in sometimesand deliver food but for the most part they do encourage you like i saidto schedule when you're going to work and in my opinion flexibility is superimportant especially if you're a college studentone of the reasons that these apps have so much appealis that you can do it whenever you want it's not a traditional nine to five jobin fact that's just what makes the gig economy so great in the first place soin my opinion that distinguishes postmates and ubereatsas clear winners of this round as they allow the most flexibility and you canreally deliver and drive at your convenience i'd like to take aquick pause to talk about the sponsor of this video which is covertand let me just say i wouldn't agree to a brand sponsorship unless i reallybelieved in what that company was doing but i really do believe in cober and theproduct that they offer they are a portable benefits company whichessentially provides a safety net to gig economy workerswhich are a large portion of our working population right now 

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if you'redelivering for any of the major food service companies which i justmentioned there's a definite and real possibility that you could get into acar crash and you need to have a plan when thathappens if that happens not only do you have to pay for the repair of your carbut you're also not getting paid while your car is being repaired that'sexactly where covert comes in they offer a variety of servicesincluding paid time off sick leave complimentary legalconsultation health service help with taxes and also assistance incase of an unfortunate deactivation a couple of the great things about themis that there's no annual contract and it works on a monthly subscription whichis less than the price of netflix in addition to that they're independentof every major gig app company so they're really on your side andwhat's even better is that their benefits transfer seamlessly betweenevery major gig economy app including postmates doordash ubereatsinstacart uber and a variety of other ones so evenif we weren't sponsored by this company i still think it's a great resource forgig economy workers and more people definitely need to knowabout it so make sure to check them out so the fourth category that we're gonnarank these companies on is hiring and there's a pretty even split herebetween waitlist and no waitlist postmates and ubereats don't have a listin order to work for their company but doordash and grubhub do have awaitlist now i'll recognize that that waitlist is very short i think it onlytakes a couple days most of the time but it is a barrier to entry for somepeople who need to make money very quicklyi think that elevates postmates and eats to the top of this categorybut i think there is an individual winner because ubereats does actuallyrequire certain car specifications in order to work for themand none of the other companies do this so for example if you're going to be anuber each driver your car has to be newer than 1998and a lot of people don't drive cars that are newer than 1998.

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because of that i think postmates is the clear winner in this category andthey're the best for hiring the last category that we're going todetermine a winner for is overall pay and let me just say that this is a verytough one to determine a winner for as not only are there a ton of variablesthat are involved but these different companies have really different paymentstructures and even within these differentcompanies they have different payment structures within different citiesfor example doordash may offer a base minimum pay in one city but not anotherwhereas postmates may offer a blitz multiplyingincome increaser in one city but not in another so like i said it gets 

reallyconfusing and definitely take what i'm about tosay with a grain of salt although i'm going to try to do my best to analyzethem as fairly as possible so one factor we definitely need todiscuss is what percentage of your delivery fee that the company takesso for grubhub doordash and postmates that's going to be 20but ubereats is a little different and a little higher at 25now i know five percent may not sound like a lot but if you're gonna do this even for a summer it's gonna definitely add up because of that i think ubereats ranks a little bit lower on the overall pay factor which leaves us these three remaining companies to really analyze so another distinguishing factor is that doordashdoes offer a base minimum pay at peak hours this is a really nice safety net as there's a ton of variance in this industry and how much you're going to make on an hourly rate so that is definitely a positive contributing factor to doordash ranking highly in this categoies think the biggest differentiating factor is the transparency that these companies have with how much you're going to make on an order which really helps you decide whether you want to decline or accept that order for post mates for example you don't know how much you're gonna get tipped until after the order so you really are going in a little bit blind and they're also a little bit less clear and how much you're gonna make per mile and per weight waiting minute the next one is 

doordash so doordash will let you know exactly how much you're going tomake in a delivery but they won't tell you how much your tip is even though the customer has decided that before you arrive so with them you can guess pretty well what you're going to make off the tip but you don't actually know grubhub is the most transparent so they're going to tell you exactly how much you're going to make per mile how much per delivery but what really differentiates them is that you also know exactly how much you're going to make on the tip before you make your delivery like i said this is actually really important

 it helps you decide whether or not you want to accept or decline an orderand can have a big effect on your overall hourly rate because of this i think there's two big winners in this category and that'sgrubhub and doordash grab up is the most transparent so you can really do the best to increase your profits like i said but with doordash you do the base minimum pay at hourly peaks so these two are clear winners in the overall pay category but like i said please take this with a grain of salt it depends a ton on how you driveit also depends on where you drive before we announce a winner 

i think it' simportant to announce a loser which tended to be uber eats they had atendency to rank the lowest in these different factors and even though i think they're a great company to deliver food for think our research they did seem to rank the lowest between grubhub postmates and doordash though it's actually really tough toannounce a clear winner postmates ranked the highest the mostoften but like i said it really depends on where you liveand how you do this and on a side note most people who have been delivering fora long time will deliver on more than one appat the same time which makes this even more complicated with all things saidpostmates is the official winner of this blog at least as they ranked highlysuper consistently now i just want to throw one more thing in hereaccording to our current statistics if you go ahead and smash that subscriberbutton you're actually going to increase ourtotal subscriber number by about one percentwhich is nuts so make sure to smash that if you enjoyed this videoand also feel free to like comment if you have any more questions or opinionsor thoughts we love to hear them and i'll see you next time guys you 

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